Followers of the never-ending menu of Japanese Kit Kat flavors (including a recent incarnation as a chocolate almond milk stout) will know that Nestle has frequently teamed up with Tokyo's number one sweets seller Tokyo Banana for limited edition flavors. While there have been a couple variations, the Tokyo Banana Kit Kats combine the classic chocolate bar crunch with the flavor of Tokyo's popular spongy and creamy banana cakes.

Just last year, inspired by the motivation of Olympic gold, the two teamed up once again for a luxurious "Tokyo Banana Kit Kat Gold, Banana Caramel Flavor", which consisted of kneading caramel powder into a banana-flavored white chocolate for a fragrant banana scent and rich caramel flavor.

Undeterred by the delay of the Olympics, Tokyo Banana Kit Kat Gold, Banana Caramel Flavor will be returning for a limited time with a special beautiful golden Mt. Fuji package and label!

Because of their region-exclusive flavors, Japanese Kit Kats make for popular familiar souvenirs when traveling the country--doubly so for foreign visitors. While Nestle Japan does sell Mt. Fuji packaged Kit Kats at souvenir shops and airports, the combination of the boxes, labels, and golden flavor give Japan's iconic mountain glittering new look.

The Mt. Fuji Tokyo Banana Kit Kat Gold, Banana Caramel Flavor will be on sale from July 23rd to September 7th, exclusively at the Tokyo Okashi Land confectionery store on the 1st basement level floor of Tokyo Station.

By - Big Neko.