For fans of beloved animation giant Studio Ghibli, all eyes are certainly on the recently opened expansive Ghibli Park in Aichi prefecture, but it'd be a shame to forget Tokyo's Ghibli Museum. While not a full-blown park like it's Aichi counterpart, the Ghibli Museum packs plenty of charm with amazing exhibits, a Cat Bus, and even the screening of animated shorts by Hayao Miyazaki.

Another place it packs a lot of the charm found in the Studio Ghibli's movies is its gift shop, where customers young and old alike flock to grab some Ghibli magic merch.

The Ghibli Museum recently took to Twitter to share a delightful episode that happened in their gift shop that has many online feeling like a child that's watched and fell in love with a Studio Ghibli film for the very first time.

Recently, a pair of young siblings (an older brother and his younger sister), visited the gift shop. The younger sister was having a hard time picking out a stuffed Ghibli plushie to take home as her own. Noticing her frustration, the brother gave his sister a lovely piece of advice that has Ghibli fans smiling ear to ear with a Totoro grin:

Teaching his younger sister how to pick out stuffed animals, an older brother said "when it comes to stuffed animals, hug and squeeze them really tightly. The one you feel like cuddling up to all night is the one that'll be your best friend." Then the younger sister, who was diligently picking out a stuffed animal, hugged a small Totoro really tightly and then headed over to the register.

The brother's veteran advice with stuffed animals was taken to heart by his sister, who made sure to give special hug check to a small Totoro plushie before envisioning tucking it into bed with her at night and proudly heading to the register. The story warmed the hearts of Ghibli fans on Twitter, with many likening the episode to a scene straight out of a Studio Ghibli film in the replies:

"The story was so beautiful it felt like part of a Studio Ghibli movie."

"The way a child chooses is heartwarming."

"I could feel myself tearing up as I read this."

"There's nothing like siblings looking out for one another!"

By - grape Japan editorial staff.