Probably in only half-jest, it's often said that "cats are liquid" due to their impressive (and often hilarious) ability to twist and contort into just about any shape in order to fit a space or container. Inspired by that phrase, Japanese stationery company Sun-Star is now letting you put the idea of cats being liquid to paper--with cat erasers that transform into just about any shape you can make!

The new Nekogomu ("neko" meaning "cat", and "keshigomu" meaning "eraser" in Japanese) is the winner of the 27th annual iteration of a stationery contest hosted by Rokuichi Bungu to commercialize and introduce user-submitted creative stationery ideas. The eraser comes originally in the shape of a rectangular black cat, but the more you use the eraser and wear it down, you can shape it to a cat of your liking--meaning the more you make mistakes the more your cat evolves.

The Nekogomu has a suggested retail price of 330 yen, and is set to be made available at major stationery retailers online and throughout Japan shortly.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.