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Cuddle up with tiny piggy staff at Harajuku’s piglet cafe

Whether you want to grab a cup of coffee with cats, dogs, owls, or hedgehogs, it's almost a dead certainty that Tokyo has a pet cafe tailored for your animal interests. Piggy fans don't have to feel left out of all the animal café fun, as a few years ago Tokyo's first micro pig cafe, Mipig opened, offering cuddly time with affectionate mini piggies while they enjoy a nice beverage.

Source: © Grape Japan

Source: © Grape Japan

Due to its immense popularity, Mipig opened up their second cafe, this time in Tokyo's trendy fashion neighborhood of Harajuku. The wider space allows for more free-roaming fun for the pigs and customers alike.

As with the cafe's first branch, special care is given to the free roaming micro pigs with rules such as no flash photography or aggressive handling. A reservation system (available in English here, as well as a VIP room option) is in place so that the piggies are not overwhelmed by too many guests.

Guests can visit the cafe and play with the piggy staff at a flat rate of 1,000 yen per 30 minutes, and minimum one drink order (600 yen). You can also buy treats to ingratiate yourself with the pigs, but be warned that they will take it as an opportunity to drown you in micro pig love.

Visit Mipig Cafe in Harajuku for all your cuddly micro pig needs!


Address:Barubizon 1F, 1-15-4, Jingumae, Shibuya Ku, Tokyo To, 150-0001, Japan

Hours: 10 AM--8 PM


‪\#mipigcafeharajuku mipig cafe 原宿店プレオープンご案内 #インスタキャンペーン ??/‬ ・ 皆さまの温かいご声援、ありがとうございます。 おかげさまで、11/8(金)に2号店の原宿店がオープンいたします。 ・ いつもインスタを見てくださる方々に、 感謝とお礼の気持ちを込めて、 プレオープンのチケットが当たるインスタキャンペーンを実施いたします?✨ ・ 抽選で25組様(1組4名様まで)にプレオープンチケットをプレゼント?? ・ 【応募方法】 10/20(日)23:59までにフォロー&コメント ・ 【当選発表】‬ ‪10/22(火)までにDMにてご連絡?‬ ・ ご来店いただいた皆さまと過ごすひとときは ブタさんにとって心と体がはぐくまれる とっても大切な、かけがいのない時間です? ・ どうぞ、ブタさんとのあたたかで、おだやかな時間を一足はやくご体験ください? ・ ※補足※ ひと足早くご案内させて頂きますが、料金が発生すること、ご了承くださいませ? ・ ‪// Announcement: Pre opening at #mipigcafeharajuku mipig cafe! #instagrampromotion ??// ・ We are so grateful to announce that the grand opening of the second mipig cafe in Harajuku is on 18.11.19. Thank you very much for your continuous support! ・ Now we are running a limited time offer for you who have always cheer us up! ?✨ ・ Win the lottery and receive the pre opening ticket ?? (Total 25 winners/Up to 4 guests per group) ・ 【How to】 Follow + leave a comment by 20.10.19 23:59 (JST) ・ 【Winning announcement】‬ Via DM by 22.10.19‪ ?‬ ・ It’s a precious moment for micro pigs to spend time with you? Looking forward to seeing you at the store and sharing the relaxing atmosphere ? ・ #mipig #マイピッグ#mipigcafe#マイピッグカフェ#マイクロブタカフェ#マイクロブタ#micropig#マイクロブタさんのお友だち#micropig #tokyo#animalsinfluence#pig #pigs #piglove #piggy

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