Even when it comes to "everyday" foods we might enjoy from the comfort of our own kitchen, it's always something special to watch the practiced hands of a chef whip up the same dish into something else entirely. In Japan, the chefs at Yokohama's landmark Red Brick Warehouse restaurant Tachibana have one of the strongest reputations for this when preparing a simple dish of omurice.

If you're traveling through Tokyo with an appetite, there's no better place to experience that cooking phenomenon then one restaurant famous for their chef who is known as "the god of fried rice."

Takumi Murakami of the Shibuya location of Kani chahan no mise (Crab Fried Rice Restaurant) may have set a new standard for impressively fast cooking and plaiting skills.

In a video shared to the YouTube channel of TV Tokyo program "Uchimura no tsuboru douga", Murakami shows off how he is able to smoothly and quickly prepare the store's signature crab fried rice, winning over many on the internet with comments such as "This is the work of a god" and "His technique is beyond compare."

Murakami is clearly working as quickly as possible to cook up a batch of fried rice and plate it within 50 seconds, but not once does he ever seem flustered and demonstrates splendid handling of the wok.

Those hoping to try the crab fried rice may want to check out the store in Shibuya--although they likely won't have to wait that long to get their order!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.