An invention born from love - "I want help my favorite someone".

A company in Osaka asked elementary school students some invention idea, and a 7-year-old boy - Mikuto Kato - proposal was to become a reality.

Mikuto idea is a "crab peeler". This allows people with little strength can peel crabs easily.


It is extremely easy to use. Simply set a crab legs and push the lever:


The blade bites into the crab shell.


Now remove the crab and pull it with both hands.


As easy as that, peeled crabs is ready to be enjoyed!


The motive for this young inventor was to help his grandmother, who was suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and cannot use her hands and fingers very well. When the young boy saw how she struggled to peel the crab, he came up with this idea.

In the application sheet, Kikuto wrote:

Who is it for? For someone with weak hands.

My grandma cannot peel crabs by herself because her hands don't work very well. If there is a machine that can peel crabs, my grandma can eat her favorite crab as much as she wants.

When a journalist asked Kikuto "who do you think would be the happiest with this invention?", he answered "grandma!"

This one-and-only machine will be given to Kikuto; now his grandma can eat a lot! Well done, Kikuto!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.