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Exclusively Beautiful Strawberry Cheesecake Mochi

Have you ever tasted Mochi? This marvelous Japanese traditional sweet has a plain look with a sweet chewy taste, and is especially sold around Japanese New Year. The snack is well-known, but not many people can enjoy it as an everyday snack. A game changer from Japanese Sweets Deli modernized the traditional Mochi to a better version called the Mochi Cream Ice.

Different from the regular Mochi that is overall sticky, they converted the inside with plenty of snowy cream.

Strawberry cheesecake flavor

The inside is filled with Strawberry jam, and the outside layer is made of cheesecake and dry strawberries.

Raw caramel sauce & cooked macadamia nuts flavor

Mango and coconuts flavor

Chocolate mint flavor

The Mochi Cream Ice has spread their stores everywhere from Japan, Korea, Ukraine, and America. If you are interested in trying out the mix of Mochi and ice-cream, here is the store info, through which a total of 24 special flavors can be found.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.