The Utsunomiya Gyoza from Tochigi prefecture is one of the most popular gyoza (dumplings) in Japan, and are always big crowd-pleasers at any gyoza event or competition. They are routinely introduced by many Japanese TV programs including NHK and Hirunandesu. Now fans of the savory dumplings can show their love for them in another way, as a gyoza fashion statement.

The Gyoza bag functions as a one-shoulder, durable white bag. It was suppose to just be some side merchandise selling at the Utsunomiya Gyoza event in Osaka, but it unexpectedly became a popular hit at the event due to its gyoza-esque folds.

Although white bags get dirty easily, we imagine any dirt or wear and tear would add to the cooked gyoza aesthetic. The Gyoza bag can be purchased at aruyo21, and sells paired up with a bottle of gyoza sauce. They are around 4,200 yen to 4,700 yen depending on the set purchase.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.