Known for his relaxed and lazy personality, it's no surprise Rilakkuma is considered one of the most relatable characters in existence. And now, he and his pal Korilakkuma will be adorably apathetic all the way to your stomach — in the form of Japanese wagashi!

These charming Japanese sweets are currently sold at Lawson convenience stores across Japan. With faces this cute, it'll be a challenge not to put them into our shopping baskets.

The Rilakkuma wagashi is part of the "Tabe Masu" (short for "edible mascot") lineup, which previously featured popular characters from Yo-Kai Watch, Doraemon, and Disney. Although they're only made of rice cake, sugar, and sticky-rice flour, the faithful recreation of these characters have made it difficult for people to take their first bite.

Rilakkuma is custard pudding-flavored while Korilakkuma is milk-flavored. If you're in Japan, make sure to give these adorable sweets a go!

Tabe Masu Rilakkuma

Sold at Lawson convenience stores in Japan (except Okinawa).
Price: 280 yen (US$2.50) each

By - grape Japan editorial staff.