This winter, get ready to experience a Japanese-style Christmas cake, condensed into carbonated drink form!

Japan has a reputation for being home to the quirkiest limited-edition flavours. The most well-documented of these is surely the unstoppable sakura trend that takes over every spring, tempting cherry blossom-loving consumers with everything from seasonal McDonald's burgers to beer.

Source:At Press

Pepsi is no exception to this penchant for eccentric flavours. Many interesting concoctions have graced the convenience store fridges over the years, notably Pepsi Ice Cucumber, Pepsi Mont Blanc and Pepsi Salty Watermelon.


This winter, Pepsi's Japan exclusive flavour is Christmas cake cola. For those outside Japan, what constitutes as a 'Christmas cake' flavour could come as a suprise. While in other countries cinnamon and nutmeg give a rich flavour to holiday desserts, Japan's popularised Christmas cake is a light and fluffy sponge cake with cream and fruits (usually strawberries).

Source: At Press

Pepsi Christmas Cola’s flavour is based on the Japanese version of Christmas cake, including the hints of strawberry and cream. The drink will be available from 21st November and could be every sweet-lovers dream.

Cakes in Japan are famously expensive, at least $20 for a small one, so substituting it for a $1.40 bottle of Pepsi is certainly one way to save money this festive season!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.