Osechi is the name given to special dishes typically served at New Year's time in Japan. The dishes often take time to prepare, are aesthetically pleasing and are chosen for having auspicious meaning appropriate to celebrate the coming of the new year. Numerous dishes are often included in a special kind of box, sometimes with several small compartments.

However, due to its time-consuming nature, home-made Osechi cuisine is an increasingly rare sight in Japanese homes, especially with the advent of store-made Osechi boxes readily available for purchase. Moreover, most tourists or short-term residents in Japan have never tried it.

Thankfully, a class being offered by Washo Cook, "the Japanese home cooking class in English," offers to remedy that situation by teaching you how to prepare this special kind of Japanese cuisine and experience Japanese New Year's celebrations, no matter what time of the year you visit.

Previously offered only as a one-time limited class during the end of year season, Washo Cook has expanded and rebranded the class, calling it: "Osechi Class: Any Time New Year Experience." As the name implies, foreign visitors can enjoy this class all year long.

Check this page to learn more details about the special Osechi class and the other classes offered by the school, as well as to sign up and reserve a spot.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.