By now, chocolate fans around the world know both of delight and frustration of watching Japan add flavor after flavor to its bounty of limited and seasonal edition Kit Kats. In particularly exclusive flavors intended to represent Japan such as premium sake, double-matcha, and even Kit Kat sushi have become well sought-after souvenirs for those visiting the country, while more adventurous flavors such as cough drop, chocolate cake, and the world's first Ruby Chocolate have added to over 350 flavors Nestle Japan has released since 1973.

With this year marking the 45th anniversary of Kit Kats in Japan, however, now people around the world can have a say in a new Japanese flavor to be released internationally by voting for their favorite!

As part of a celebratory campaign titled "New Flavor World Summit", chocoholics anywhere in the world will have a chance to select a new Japanese Kit Kat flavor that will be followed up with a global release. The campaign ties into a word play with the pronunciation of "Kit Kat" in Japanese, with the slogan "kitto onegai kanau", or "your wish will definitely come true", and also taps into Nestle Japan's ongoing campaign to promote the many flavors of Kit Kat as a personalized souvenir with which to share regional flavors and memories.

Japan's temporary Kit Kat Museum showcased a number of those flavors...

Salty Watermelon

Source: (C) Grape Japan

Soy Sauce

Source: (C) Grape Japan

Liquid Nitrogen Spray Coated (self serve toppings)

Source: (C) Grape Japan

The voting process is simple. Submit your name and proposed flavor (or vote for existing flavors) on the campaign website (language can be selected from the top right tab), where the current vote leaderboard includes Stroopwafel, Mocha, Thai Iced Tea, and Pandan. Voting runs until April 8th, with an announced victor and release following in November.

By - Big Neko.