Spring and cherry blossoms are approaching in Japan, and along with it annual sakura-themed releases of coffee and beautiful traditional sweets. Now it appears that sakura fans will have a new way to take in delicious cherry blossom flavor, one that pairs perfectly with cocktails and sweets--sakura bitters!

Sakura bitters are the latest addition to The Japanese Bitters, a series of flavored aromatic bitters made from natural ingredients in Japan helped developed by former bartender Yuki Yamazaki. The distinctly Japanese bitters include umami, shiso, yuzu, and hinoki cypress flavors. Made from cherry blossom petals pickled in natural salt, just adding a few drops can add the fragrance and springtime flavor of sakura to you favorite cocktail, soft drink, or even ice cream.

The new sakura flavor has found a successful crowdfunding push on website Makuake, so those hoping to add an aromatic drop of cherry blossom to their favorite treats will want to follow The Japanese Bitters official website.

By - Big Neko.