Japan’s branches of Baskin Robbins often turn their delicious and icy expertise to collaborations with beloved pop culture institutions. Previously we’ve been treated to some sweet takes on Pokemon ice cream, including original flavours, and even a Star Wars ice cream cake featuring a cast of the series’ most popular characters.

Now ice cream cake-loving Disney enthusiasts are about to have their day with an adorable pastel offering themed around Princesses.

Each of the six individual slices is decorated with a character, along with suitable colours and flourishes. Each one is also a different ice cream flavour chosen to represent the particular princess.

Belle’s piece portrays her yellow dress through popular flavour 'Caramel Ribbon', and the top is decorated with a red rose and pink cream.

Jasmine’s is berry flavoured, with a pretty lotus adorning the slice.

'Love Potion 31' flavour has been picked for Rapunzel and the yellow whipped cream represents her cascading hair with a flower accessory.

The iconic stairs have been recreated in cream form for Cinderella’s piece, with a ‘romantic’ chocolate ice cream flavour.

Ariel is represented by the 'Popping Shower' flavour ice cream which has red and green hues like her hair and tail. The whipped cream on top is shell-shaped and decorated with a flower.

For Snow White, it’s a strawberry cheesecake flavoured ice cream with a whipped cream ‘forest’.

And like all of Baskin Robbin's collaboration creations, the cute packaging is themed around the characters.

If you think this ice cream cake is perfect for a Disney marathon at home, it can be picked up at Baskin Robbins branches in Japan for 3600 yen.

By - Jess.