Japan is the country for cat lovers. Here, it’s not hard to findclothing, household items, or food inspired by felines. As someone who’s a big cat fan, I’m very happy I can find something cat-themed in almost any store I go to. However, with so many of these products around, it makes you wonder sometimes about how there are people who profit from the cuteness of cats while not doing much to help their real-life inspirations.

Thankfully, there seems to be a heartwarming trend among Japanese cat product makers to not just profit from cats but help them too. The most common way they do this is by sending a portion of their profits to animal welfare organizations. In turn, this supports programs that rescue stray or abandoned animals, nurse them back to health and take care of them until they find a fur-ever home.

One cat-themed product that’s doing this is the Miracle Cat Cookie Tin. It is a set of 15 cookies — all of which are handmade using organic ingredients — and it comes in a unique metal tin printed with whimsical-looking cats.

Miracle Cat Cookie Tin is a collaboration between three forces: musician and famous cat lover Miu Sakamoto, illustrator Hisae Maeda who designed the tin, and Fairycake Fair, a Tokyo bakery that serves handmade sweets. These three have previously collaborated on another cat cookie product that’s just as thoughtful.

Since each of the cookies are handmade, you’ll find different-looking cats when you open your tin. There are five flavors in total: fermented butter cookie, cacao, chocolate chip, butter & cacao, and chocolate chip & cacao.

Miracle Cat Cookie Tin is available through Fairycake Fair’s branch in the Gransta Tokyo mall, and through their online store. The first batch has already sold out on their website but luckily, they are already restocking it. You can find further announcements about future batches on their Twitter page.

By - Jen Laforteza.