With the understandable rise of telework in Japan over the course the pandemic, many companies have been releasing furniture and devices to accommodate those who have to spend more time at home than usual. Recently, these have included privacy tents for telework and online drinking, revolutionary outlet-equipped high seated kotatsu, and even a "secret base" for the super lazy.

But those with a love of camping or nature have probably found it difficult to recreate an excursion to the great outdoors in their own home. Those in Tokyo (and a healthy bank account) may be in luck, however, as the Shibuya Loft department store will is hosting the "Nature Grand Life" exhibit, and the highlight of the products they're offering is a miniature log cabin.

The ongoing Nature Grand Life marketplace exhibit displays and offers a number of outdoor and camping goods to buy, but the decided highlight is the Mini Log House Leon, a miniature single-story log cabin that Shibuya Loft says even beginners can assemble. Shibuya Loft says the intended purpose of the cabin isn't for actual outdoor camping, but as a unique remote space for teleworking, a playground for children, or a small room for hobbies.

Obviously, you'd need a yard, garden, or pretty roomy home to accommodate the 3.6 square meter miniature cabin that has a leadup staircase and porch, but those interested will also need to be willing to part with 478,000 yen (4,348.34 USD at the time of writing). Still, those working from home to get to brag that they're checking into their office from their own log cabin.

Another of other items, including a compact pizza oven, charcoal grill, and foldable outdoor furniture with storage space will also be on display.

Those hoping to check out the mini log cabin can do so at Shibuya Loft's Nature Grand Life display, located on the first floor marketplace and running from September 6th-October 6th.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.