As many meat lovers in Japan probably know, Burger King® Japan has been rolling out a series of one-pound beef burgers. So far, we've seen a bunless "Extreme" version, a spicy "Magma" version and a Teriyaki version.

Now with "Good Meat Day" coming up on November 29th (since the numbers 1-1-2-9 can spell īniku いい肉, meaning "good meat"), Burger King® Japan decided to create yet another addition to the series, one which should please both those who love BK's famous flame-broiled all-beef patties and those who appreciate cheese.

Here comes the "Super One Pound Beef Cheeseburger" (『超ワンパウンドビーフ チーズバーガー』 chō wanpaundā bīfu chīzubāgā).

The "Super One Pound Beef Cheeseburger" is made with four flame-broiled all-beef patties for a total of 499g (1.1 lbs) of beef (before broiling), layered with four slices of onion freshly sliced everyday on-premises, ketchup, rich cheddar cheese, and finished with a super-rich cheese sauce. Available only for two weeks between November 19th and December 2nd, 2021, from 2 pm, this meaty behemoth will fill your mouth with the taste of beef and cheese from start to finish.

If you're concerned about getting such a huge burger into your mouth, you can optionally order it cut into two halves.

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And to commemorate the launch of the "Super One Pound Beef Cheeseburger," a limited number of original stickers will be offered to customers who purchase them.

In addition, Burger King® Japan will also be running a campaign where customers who order the "Super One Pound Beef Cheeseburger" either as a single item or as part of a set using the "Pickup Order" function on the official Burger King® app will receive two stamps instead of the usual one. If you collect five stamps, you'll receive a coupon for a free side dish or dessert that can be purchased in pickup.

The "Super One Pound Beef Cheeseburger" (『超ワンパウンドビーフ チーズバーガー』 chō wanpaundā bīfu chīzubāgā) will set you back 1,600 JPY a la carte or 1,900 JPY as a set with medium fries and a medium drink.

For more information, visit Burger King® Japan's website here.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.