For seasoned junk food eaters, the concept of stacking a meal over a large drink may be considered a veteran mood when it comes to scarfing down snacks and a beverage. Fries and chicken nuggets boxes from McDonald's almost seem like they are made for it, and perhaps one of best examples of the foodie lifehack is the Yankee Stadium Grub Tub--which serves a bowl of chicken tenders atop your drink.

Makoto Yoshikawa (@mako_63), a Japanese Twitter user and co-founder of a startup in China may have discovered a new champion of heaps of food layered on top of drinks. Yoshikawa shared a photo of a discovery he made while in Chongqing that has been blowing up and turning the heads of foodies on Twitter. He posted the photo with the caption "The Chongqing innovation of cola and grilled Xiaolongbao", and the description seems very on point!

Source: @mako_63

The all-in-one meal serves up a very hefty bowl of grilled Xiaolongbao dumplings fitted directly on top of a cup of cola. The dumpling bowl has a hole designed for the cola's straw to pass through, making the ensuing pig-out session a largely one-handed affair!

The Tweet has taken off with much discussion. Many in Japan were floored by the combination, leaving comments such as "this would sell like crazy over here if it were beer and gyoza", "this would be perfect for hanami parties", and "I wonder if that's a family meal..." Meanwhile, commenters around the world were happy to respond showing similar drinks such as Michelada toppings and gyoza and fried chicken stacked drinks.

Since the Xiaolongbao are packed with plenty of saucing filling, it makes them the perfect dumpling for the set as you don't need to dip them--the real remaining question is whether you think they pair with cola or not.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.