Instant noodle maker Nissin is always happy to share some pretty far-out-there concepts for future releases inspired by their popular Cup Noodle brand. Often Nissin has taken to Twitter to tease fans with the idea of quirky releases such as Cup Noodle ingredient bath bombs and Cup Noodle earbuds. While this is mostly done for laughs, sometimes it's done to gauge public interest that leads to actual releases such as Cup Noodle humidifiers.

Their latest idea is one that has definitely been met with a positive response, with many hoping for an official release: Cup Noodle-scented incense and bug repellen!

The image Nissin teased is up a Cup Noodle package shaped coiled katori senko, a type of long-burning incense coil used in the summer in Japan to both fill the house with pleasant fragrances and also repel mosquitos. Playfully called "CupNooIncense", the image had many clamoring for an official release as well as imagining just what flavor-inspired scents the Cup Noodle incense would provide.

However, Earth Chemical, which manufactures and sells the long-selling mosquito repellent "Earth Whirlpool Incense," replied with the comment "Oh, this is really nice..." so perhaps there is potential for a brooding partnership!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.