When it comes to the shima enaga, also known as the long-tailed tit and often called the cutest bird in Japan, there's no better social media follow than Boku, shima enaga (Twitter, Instagram). Boku, shima enaga posts daily content reminding us why the bird from Hokkaido is so revered. It's hard not to reach through your screen and try to cuddle the fluffy white bird.

Boku, shima enaga doesn't just share photos and videos, however. They also cook Japanese dishes inspired by the bird, turning sushi and curry into edible and adorable versions of the long-tailed tit. The creative culinary takes on the cute bird have been so popular they were even recently sold as capsule toys throughout the country.

Their latest take on the popular bird sees the long-tailed tit recreated as a set of one of Japan's favorite snacks--onigiri rice balls. However, Boku, shima enaga is calling them "Okogiri", a portmanteau of the words "okoru" (to be angry) and "onigiri" (rice balls). One look at their adorably upset faces will let you know why!

Obviously, round rice balls are a perfect way to capture the shape of a long-tailed tit, but Boku, shima enaga is able to add anime-style veins of anger using nori seaweed creatively, making these look like a trio of tasty but angry rice balls! The adorable rice balls have become a big hit on Twitter, with many declaring them too cute to actually eat--even if they do look sort of scary!

For more awesome long-tailed tit birdy dishes, be sure to follow Boku, shima enaga.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.