It’s the start of a new year, meaning marketing executives in Japan are already looking forward to spring and the limited edition products they can flog.

As usual, Coca-Cola will be celebrating cherry blossom viewing season with a specially designed, limited edition bottle with a predictably botanical theme.

Last year’s design was a white base with small pink flowers fluttering around the logo.

This year’s strikes a warmer hue with a pink base and larger blossom motifs.

When designing the bottle, all of Japan's big spring events and festivals were in mind. Coca-Cola have kindly let us know that it's perfect not just for cherry blossom viewing, but also Hina Matsuri, graduations and school entrance ceremonies.

In a smart move, recent years have seen Coca-Cola switch to aluminium bottles for the limited editions, using the whole of the bottle for the design, rather than being restricted to just the label. This allowed them to bring out particularly slick designs for their region specific bottles.

Fizzy drink fans are spoilt for choice as the spring Coke will go on sale from 22nd of January, along with the new Coca-Cola Peach.

By - Jess.