Nintendo's Kirby pink, puffy, and certainly jovial figure lends itself to a lot of food forms, including traditional Japanese sweets DIY kits and the cutest icing ever.

For those who don't feel like making their own Kirby treats, however, fortunately the bubbly hero has his own cafes in Tokyo and Hakata. After wrapping up their creative summer menu, both locations are offering up a fall feast and it's as cute as ever.

As usual, the colorful plates make use of scenery and characters found in Dream Land, and of course Kirby's mouth as he inhales your food for superpowers. Here are the new fall items.

Kirby's fall colors plate: salmon cream pasta and kabocha salada sandwich

Kirby's fresh baked sweet potato sticks and rosemary butter dip

Fall leaves Montblanc Baumkuchen

The fall menu will run throughout September at both the Tokyo and Hakata Kirby Cafe. You can make reservations and find access information at the official website.

By - Big Neko.