Based in the Akihabara district of Tokyo, it's no surprise that Japanese maker Thanko has quite the resume of creative tech and gadgets under their belt.

In particular, they seem to be on a hot streak of releasing goods that cater to self-sufficiency, solitude, and sometimes even the charm of laziness. Just recently, Thanko has put out a wearable kotatsu-blanket, a bento-sized rice cooker perfect for just one person, and a "secret base" privacy tent for the most sedentary marathons.

Their latest release also won't disappoint those prone to lounging all day long, as their "Chin Rest Mochi Smartphone Arm Cushion" boasts the comfortable power of rendering people unproductive.

As its name may suggest, the Chin Rest Mochi Smartphone Arm Cushion is a bead cushion with an attached adjustable arm-like extension that can hold your smartphone. The arm can be freely adjusted in angle and rotated, and the cushion is small enough (less than 12 inches in diameter) that it can be used as a chin or arm rest, or of course, a soft mochi-esque pillow to collapse your face in.

The adjustable arm can hold most large smartphones comfortable (including an iPhone 12 Pro Max), and one side of the cushion has a protrusion that can be used as a stopper for a tablet. Thanko designed the cushion for people who want to lounge around at home comfortable glued to their phone or tablet. Although their sample photos show it seems to make for a good place to rest your head as you drink!

The Chin Rest Mochi Smartphone Arm Cushion can be ordered from Thanko's online store in Japan for 5,980 yen.

By - Big Neko.