If you’re one of the thousands of busy businessmen and women working in this world, you probably know a thing or two about sleep deprivation. And while we don’t believe in working ceaselessly to the point of burnout, we do know that sometimes, getting a little boost of energy can be enough to grind through the day.

As Japan’s hectic megalopolis, Tokyo’s office buildings are filled with swarms of our hardworking comrades, who, inevitably, could definitely use more sleep. Luckily for many of them, Tokyo is now the place to go to if you want to stop by the world’s first caffeine bar in the middle of your workday.

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Fittingly named Caffeineholic, the new bar in Toranomon was built to cater to the many Tokyoites looking to get a quick caffeine charge. A wide variety of espressos will be the main items on the menu, but you will also be able to choose from other caffeinated drinks at the standing bar, including brewed coffee and tea. Food will also be served, such as hot dogs with a selection of 10 different sausages and 3 types of hot dog buns.

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Caffeineholic will be supervised by Shojiro Saito of Tokyo’s famous Double Tall Cafe, serving not just a dose of caffeine, but also delicious drinks and coffee brewed from organic beans. You’ll also get a chance to declare your caffeine obsession to the rest of the world, with original Caffeineholic goods available at the bar.


Location: 1-4-7 Toranomon, Tokyo

By - grape Japan editorial staff.